Could it be? Have i finally found a home here?

So this has seriously been a long few days here in Anchorage. I bought a new car the other day. I got a 2013 nissan rogue and it is silver. Not the exact color I wanted, and it isn’t fully loaded, but it still has some awesome features, and they threw in heated seats and a heat block. I pick it up tomorrow, and I have Alaska car insurance now, so my car will have an Alaskan license plate. I am oddly excited about this. Now housing that is another story. Jason has been amazing by helping me look through craigslist, and when I find a place to look, he immediately checks out reviews and safety info. I have almost signed at a few places, but he has kept me from making some mistakes. I think we may have found the one today though. It’s a two bedroom condo. It’s two stories, and has a fireplace, a car port (yeah who would have thought it would have been hard to find covered parking in ak?), brand new appliances, and a nice little deck. The mountains are right there too. It’s in a residential area, and has a gym and grocery stores around, yet it is still close to work. Now it is a little more than I initially wanted, but we quickly found out anything under 1000 means you are going to be unsafe, and apartments that have the features I want are close to 2000. This is a nice little place. It has biking and running trails right there too.  Oh but wait the one apartment complex that I fell in love with just called. They have an apartment opening, but it would be almost 400 more a month. However, it has amazing views and some utilities are included. Now I have no clue what to do. I really love that townhome though. Jason is looking at them both again to give his input.


Now the summer solstice is tomorrow, and all I want is some dark. I am tired all the time, I don’t think I am getting a deep sleep. I can’t get used to this. Plus I have decided to change around my diet, and I think my body is not liking it so much. It could also be that I haven’t had any chance to have some fun or relax. Anyway, besides that the people are amazing, and it looks like there are some awesome places to check out when I get some free time. I only wish I had more time to watch Stanley Cup, but the game starts really early here.  Oh here is the funny thing about AK though. Due to the guy/girl ratio no matter where I go I feel like I am being hunted, old men and young men alike. It can be kind of creepy.


In other news, Jason may be coming to visit in September! Very excited about this. He is also saving days to take off in case I can make it out to meet him somewhere in the next few months. He has really been the most supportive person always listening to me complain.  Okay I need to rest, one more day before the weekend and maybe it will slow down some? Doubt it though. Tomorrow includes possibly signing paper work for the town house and I am definitely meeting one of the current interns who is letting me look at her furniture. She is moving to the lower 48 and needs to get rid of it, so she is willing to sell it to me for 20 bucks. Can’t beat that. I am including pictures of my car and some of the inside of the townhomeImageImageImageImage

2 thoughts on “Could it be? Have i finally found a home here?

  1. Sam L says:

    Cute car! Im trying to look for flights out there too.

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