psych intern is tired

So I haven’t really been updating this recently. To be honest I have been just trying to count down the weeks. I think the lack of daylight was getting to me. We now have the sun up about 8 and it goes down after six, and I seem to be in much better spirits.


Jason and I were able to make it to Seattle for a weekend and that was helpful, but now is our longest stretch of not seeing each other. It will be Easter before I see him again.  It was nice being with him. We did our gym thing, went to a comedy show, made dinner, got me a new phone (this has to be done in the lower 48 since there isn’t a Verizon tower here, and if I try to transfer it can’t connect).


I also made a really bad mistake that kind of threw things off for me. We completed a survey of our internship experience. I marked things as I saw them and gave my feedback honestly. I then had to have a meeting with the supervisors at my site to explain myself. It turned out okay, and they understood my comments and I have gotten a much better experience since then, so I guess it turned out better than okay.


I am now working part time on the inpatient unit as needed which is kind of exciting. I also have more adolescent patients and pregnant women. I am really enjoying these new challenges.


Fur rondy was the past week and a half. I was going to spend some time there the first weekend, but I had a fall on ice and was very sore. It still hurts, but one of the faculty members is doing osteopathtic manipulations to help. I am upset though because running was going really really well. I went ahead and ran running of the reindeer this weekend, and it killed, but it was fun and a chance of a life time. My friend Jenna was going to run it with me but she ended up catching strep throat so she just took pictures for me.


So basically I am counting down the weeks 17 left total, but a week and a half will be traveling and spent in Detroit for commencement and that still leaves me with one vaca day and 5 sick days. My hope is to see the aurora within the next month since daylight will be much longer come april.


so the photos in order are my intern class, the iditarod start sign in anchorage, the beautiful view from my condo, a reindeer that chased me this weekend, me running in run with the reindeer, and a beautiful sunset on my way down from hillside