I got to see him!!!!!!

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So it has been a little bit since I last posted. Work has literally been crazy. There isn’t a moment when I am at the clinic when I tend to have free time. My first week of having patients was this week, and I am pretty much booked. However, I did have some time to talk with my supervisor about what my elective will be and I’ve set myself up to do palliative care. I’ll get the chance to participate in the interdisciplinary team meetings as well as do home visits with one of the physicians. This is kind of Jason’s area of interest and since I have been helping him write a proposal for a research project in palliative care, it’s kind of been something I have gotten into. Also, I’ll be running diabetes group visits as well as starting a MOVE group for weight loss. I am loving every second of my time here so far!


This past weekend I got to go to Seattle to see Jason! It had almost been a full two months since I last saw him. I got in late Friday, and it was just amazing to be able to hold his hand and actually see his face. He really made the weekend perfect. On Saturday we woke up late and went to the gym, then we went grocery shopping and made some food. We went to all these national parks and the view was amazing. We made dinner when we got back and relaxed. I love how we can just enjoy every moment together. Sunday it was hard to say goodbye, but he will be in Alaska in 29 days now! Yay! It looks like he will be here for about 10 days, and I only have to work three of them due to labor day and a day off. I can’t wait to see him and we have some amazing plans like going to see the northern lights, going on a dinner cruise to see the whales, helicopter trip to denali, and going to walk on a glacier.


This weekend is going to be a little boring. The few people I know are out of town, and it is supposed to be rainy. I want to try and bike the coastal trail though. It’s supposed to be a fabulous view. I was invited to go to Homer, but I am going to have to work on my notes some, so it really isn’t feasible. Oh well.  Anyway, each day I am here I love it even more. We shall see how the winter goes!


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