fighting dogs and missing the bf

So Jason has informed me that I have been calling Pavel Pavolov in recent blogs. Yes that would be psychologist Shannon switching any name that is close to Pavlov to that. Anyway, PAVEL is here! He arrived in the mail today, and he came bearing gifts from Jason. My favorite protein bars , gum, an evil marker that I had given him that gets all over your hands no matter how careful you are, and a sweet note. He is really just amazing (haha I hope you are turning red if you are reading this Jason! I love blushing Jason).

Anyway, yesterday my mom left. Afterward I talked to Jason for like three hours. It’s funny how we can talk for so long so often and never run out of things to say. It looks like we will be meeting up in Seattle in just a few weeks. It’ll just be a weekend, but I miss him so much. It’s so hard to be apart from him. I feel terrible I kept him up so long though,. By the time we hung up it was 4 am there, and he had to be at the hospital by 6. It’s selfish. (GET MORE SLEEP JASON!)

Anyway, I woke up this morning to a dog attacking and killing my neighbors dog. I initially thought it was my other neighbor’s dog attacking it. I went over there later this afternoon to check on her, and she said it was just some random dog. It was so sad though. It made me sick. The police showed up and took the other dog away.

Other than that today has been uneventful. I finished hanging up clothes, did some grocery shopping, and the bike store called to say they had finished putting my bike together, so I went and picked it up. I need to meet people here. I can’t stay home this much without going insane. Tomorrow I may go out on my bike and explore, but I also have to do my health screening for the hospital oh and goody, since my mom didn’t save my shot record they can take my blood to see what I was given (oh thank you so much mom for this enjoyable experience!).

mountains from condo surrounded by clouds

mountains from condo surrounded by clouds

more mountains

more mountains

pavel is here!

pavel is here!


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