Stanley Cup and Long Distance Dates and new hair!


IMG_0696 IMG_0710

2ND to last day before ALASKA!!!!! It was 97 here today, crazy!!!! I haven’t spent any time down here in the summer for about 3 years. It was kind of a sad and exciting day at the same time. I got approved for my own credit card. 28 and finally growing up right? Yesterday I became a brunette again. It’s kind of a ad pic. I hate trying to tae my own photo, but there it is. I also treated myself to a mani and pedi, but it was my first one without Anna. Kind of really miss the girl. Anyway, Jason and I had our first planned long distance date. Unfortunately Houston stations were not airing the Stanley cup game. I of course freaked, and my parents do not have cable because we live in the stone ages. anyway, Jason to the rescue, he had me go to Comcast and sign on as him so I could watch the game online. It was a bit delayed so he spoiled some of the game, but still. Of course we still have our bet , but at this point we are tied three three. He owes me two things though so there is figure skating and salsa dancing in his future. I owe him one thing for the win he had for the red wings blackhawks match up. He originally said oysters and we all know that’s not happening. Now he has it narrowed down to things like a 6 course meal (what he’ll get is veggies course one, protein shake course 2, egg whites course three, green beans course 4, mixed cereal course 5, and stoneyfield vanilla frozen yogurt course six), or me having to do some dance from some movie ( we all know how coordinated I am). I’m hoping I can win this series so that he has to go waltzing hahaha. Okay not much to say except kind of all over the place about Alaska and Pavel has yet to arrive but hopefully I’ll have my Pavel before orientation in AK! I posted a picture of Pavel Jason sent me though


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