Adios Michigan, Hello Texas

So on Monday I left Michigan after 10 years of being there, and I made my way home to Texas to visit friends and family here. I can’t say leaving was very easy. This past year and especially the time from Feb. to now has been amazing. After I matched for my internship in Anchorage I was able to mend a friendship with my best friend Anna. It was almost like we never fought, although it was super sad to think of the events in her life that I missed like her wedding, and then due to this move I had to miss her dissertation defense. I’m glad we will be walking together, and that we did get to take advantage of living down the street from each other for a few months. I’ll miss her in AK. Then of course there is Jason. That’s my recent romance story. What to leave out and what to say since he just might read this? I’ll leave it at when we finally let ourselves try being an “us” it was fantastic. It seems super easy, and like I’ve told him, he brings out the best in me. Having said that it was a horrible feeling leaving him, and then not knowing when we will get a chance to visit each other or meet in a different city makes me a little sad. No sappy songs on the radio right now for me or I will cry for sure. of course there are countless others that were difficult to say goodbye to like my church group Lex. Every single person there is special to me (okay I lie, but for the most part). Anyway, I’m home in Houston, and I have 3 full more days here. I keep questioning my decision to do this, wondering if Jason and I will make it through the year, wondering how I will change during the next year, and then there are those moments when I wish I could go back and rank the Detroit internships higher so things could be kept as close to the same as possible. There is no going back though, as of Monday night I’m an Alaskan for a year. Now we get down to my plan though. Most of you who know me know I love the Red Wings, and well this year Jason and I started betting on games. We refused to bet on teams though, so instead we each had two players from each team that would score the most and one with the most penalties. Well Jason always seemed to get the first pick of the Red Wings and ended up with Pavel Datsyuk as one of his. This left me kind of having mixed feelings about him, but lets be honest, he is one of the best players the team has, so really I can’t hate the guy. (Plus there are no hard feelings since I mostly won all our bets) Anyway, Jason has decided it would be cool if I could take a life size picture of Pavel around with me for a year up there. I won’t have any professional sports there, and of course I will always love the Red Wings and hope to get back this year for some games.  I plan to post pics. of “Pavel” and me in AK .IMG_0619


2 thoughts on “Adios Michigan, Hello Texas

  1. Sam L says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea!

  2. texasinak says:

    Thanks Sam! I can’t take credit, it was my boyfriend’s idea and several friends pushed me to follow through

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